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Command leadership through vision and trust=Mission Command

This book is focused on creating a leadership and command culture of military decision making based on vision, delegation, professional competence, and trust. But it is not entirely unique to military organizations. One chapter is about creating police organizations with this leadership operating philosophy. There are businesses, non-profits, and other government organizations that can benefit from viewing leadership and decision making through the framework of mission command.

People before hardware

Organizations make better decisions faster when they develop better people. If you want to mitigate the risks of uncertainty, then you need resiliency, creativity, critical reasoning, and adaptability. Organizations thrive that develop and curate a culture and structure of professional mastery. Because the people thrive. Our book provides the tools to do this.


This book came together from the initiative of leadership professionals who met on the Facebook group "Developing for Mission Command: The Missing Link". In true mission command style, a leader gave intent and then group members seized the initiative, self-organized, and wrote in their own areas of expertise..

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All proceeds after development costs will be donated to the non-profit for veterans Objective Zero.

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