Norwegian Naval Academy

Norwegian Naval Academy Studies Mission Command

The Norwegian Naval Academy ordered stacks of the Mission Command book in order to teach their future naval officers the history and culture of decentralized, trust based leadership and command. The second essay in the book is written by  Commander Tommy Krabberød and it is about Mission Command in the surface fleet of the Norwegian Navy. Mission Command was adopted by the Norwegian military as an official command philosophy after the tragic 1986 avalanche incident to a Norwegian Army patrol in Vassdalen that killed 16 soldiers. Commander Krabberød disciusses in his chapter why 20 years later the Norwegian Navy’s frigate fleet still struggles to fully develop a culture of mission command. He also identifies several successful crew experiments on Norwegian frigates in implementing a culture of mission command. You do not have to join the Norwegian Navy to get a thorough education on Mission Command though! get started today by reading your own copy of “Mission Command: An Anthology”: buy on Amazon softcover or Kindle digital download. All proceeds after costs donated to Objective Zero.

Mission Command Anthology shipment arrives at Norwegian Naval Academy.

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