Podcast: Mission Command Authors

Podcast: Radio Task Force Gryphon hosts Editor Steve Webber and Authors Daniel Markert and Chad Foster. They discuss how the book came together, what mission command is all about, and why it is important for high performance organizations. The podcast is in four segments . The first segment covers background of the book and the military background of Steve Webber, Daniel Markert, and Chad Foster and how we came to apply our lessons in decentralized leadership and leader development. Segment two began with question and answer, starting with the question “Is it easier to lead or to follow?” Segment three begins with the idea of the “joy of taking responsibility” and continues with cultivating talent. Segment four covers examples of great leaders using mission command both recent and historical and some of the books that influenced us. Examples are “Team of Teams“, “My Share of the Task“, “Talent Code“, “Command in War“, “Transformation of War“, Listen to the podcast at this link. Buy the book at Amazon.
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